Saturday, December 5, 2015

This season really is unlike any other time.
For some people, it's the most wonderful time of the year.
For others, it brings with it hurts, and the realization that some people who might have been with us last year or years prior, or even a few months ago, are no longer here. 
If you've read any of my posts you will know by now that I do believe strongly in the seasons physically and all that it represents in our lives as human beings. 
Winter can be really good, but also really hard.
I can't believe we are 7 days away from our one year anniversary.
I've spent some alone time today reflecting on my life a year ago and all I was doing to prepare for our upcoming wedding.
It's crazy how time flies.
It's also crazy what can happen in a year.
When I think back on this year, change describes it.
I didn't do all of it gracefully but what a year its been.
Marriage, moving, graduating, a new career. 
Wrapped up in all that life happened.
Andrew and I probably experienced a variety of things in this past year that we might have never expected. While I wish I could say all of it has been easy, that is far from the truth.
While I wouldn't choose to walk through some of the things we have had to experience this year with unexpected events, I also wouldn't change it for the world. 
I have learned an incredible amount about myself this past year but the Lord continues to show me more about himself.
So, in celebrating this season, and taking time to slow down (not something I do enough these days) I wanted to take the time to really figure out where I'm at. 
Emmanuel. God with us.
This is exactly who My God has been to me and to us this year.
He has continuously provided and met our every need.
He has opened doors we never dreamed would open.
In our hurts, our questioning, and our uncertainty in some of life's situations we have been faced with, He has walked with us each step of the way.
In my struggle with change, and the difficulty I have within myself to embrace it, He has reminded me in countless ways that He is with me. That I am not alone. That in my struggle at times to believe in myself, He is with me.
In being real, one of the biggest struggles I have faced this year, is how relationships in our lives change. He has reminded me of his constant presence and unwavering spirit even when relationships in our lives change. 
He has reminded me of his unfailing mercy, and lovingly convicted me of my need to show mercy to others in my life. 
He has been Emmanuel.
I write today from a place of thankfulness, fullness, and in some areas brokenness. But I am so thankful that I serve a God who loved me enough to send his son to this crazy earth, to be and experience all we would ever/could ever walk through. To get on our level. To leave His spirit with us so that we are never alone.
That he loved us enough to not be a far off God, but to truly be God with us.

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