A Bit Scattered

Monday, March 28, 2011

"He leads me beside quiet waters, He restores my soul." (Psalm 23)

I have been thinking over the last few weeks about quite a lot.
This isn't something new for me as it seems the wheels in my mind are always turning.
I am not sure my mind is ever "still."

I've erased and rewritten this blog a few times now. I am anxious to see what it turns out like. I feel as though my thoughts are scattered, my mind is wandering, I am restless, tired, frustrated, anxious and worried.

Nothing seems to come out right.
I don't usually feel like I can't express my thoughts, especially through writing, but I'm struggling.

Maybe its being tired. Maybe its close to a transitional phase, once again. Maybe it's because I feel disappointed by people. Wondering what's ahead. Things that I thought were going to be a certain way, aren't.

Just a day where I feel like nothing I do is right, nothing comes out right, I can't express myself how I usually can. I'm quiet. Just sitting back and thinking.

This song that I wanted to share is something that I have put on repeat about 100 times this morning. The words have captured my attention. It's touched a part of my heart that nothing else seems to right now.
Gungor- Late Have I Loved You.

I encourage you to look this song up.

I heard this song live on Thursday night. In this moment I felt the presence of God in that place like I haven't in awhile. These words gripped every part of me.

"You breathed your fragrance on me."

I felt embraced. I felt loved. I felt secure.

To think that the God of the universe continually breathes life into us.
I need this right now.

I apologize for the scattered thoughts, and maybe it was pointless to even attempt a blog, but I felt impressed to do it.
I don't have many words but simply my prayer is:

Lord I need you. Be my strength, I don't have anymore. Breathe your life into my weary spirit.

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