For Such a Time As This

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"For such a time as this
Isn't it much to great a risk
I've never flown from the edge of a cliff
Never walked on the water
But if I turn away
How would I know what I have missed
Have I waited all of my life
For such a time as this?"
While I may not have as many words or details to add to this piece of writing as I do most of my work, I wanted to take the time to write what is going on in hopes and confidence that I will look back and thank God for how He was faithful to me and brought every piece of the puzzle together.
Over the past year, I have felt the Lord laying something on my heart but I can never exactly put a picture with what it is. I am not even sure I know all the details or exactly what He wants me to do but in the last two months, I finally came to a place where I told the Lord that I am okay with where I am at and that I trusted that in His timing, He will show me what He wants me to do. Shortly after sincerely praying this prayer, I feel as though the Lord has placed a vision in my life and He slowly is piecing things together for me. 
While I have many fears about what is ahead, where I am going to end up and all that is involved in decisions that need to be made, I feel the Lord softening my heart to certain aspects of my life I never considered. He is changing my mind and my heart about things and my passions are only growing stronger. Things I never thought I would ever desire or want, I am almost so excited about that I can't even talk about it without smiling. 
I am praying that my selfish desires will be completely out of this equation as I am truly seeking what God has for me in the future and I only want to do and be all that He wants from me.
I am humbled to think that the Lord would want to use me, but I am excited and willing to go and be all that He asks of me. 
I do not want to miss what He has for me.
 Patience is hard for me.
Trusting is even harder. 
So for those reading, if you would feel lead, I would appreciate your prayers and encouragement along this journey.
I am humbly praying each day for the Lord's direction, guidance, and discernment and for the faith and patience to trust that in His timing, He will work everything out.
Excited for this next chapter of life....


  1. I am very excited and you are always in my prayers :)

  2. Looking forward to God's work in and through you!


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