The Big Picture

Thursday, February 26, 2015

So often all I see is the here and now.
I get side tracked.
I get stuck on tunnel vision.
I forget about life outside of myself.
I forget who's in charge.
I forget the Big Picture.

Life recently though has had some tough, harsh lessons.
The death of loved ones.
The inescapable reality of horrible diseases, cancers, and things like brain tumors.
The realization once again that I am not in control.

And yet in the valleys there is a sweet presence.
A reminder in subtle, but powerful ways that I am not alone.
A strength that has come in the midst of what seems to be a long, hard, winter season. 
Peace. A peace that passes all understanding.

I can honestly say the last month has been trying for so many reasons and has brought with it some really hard mountains to climb, and there are unknowns ahead that bring worry. I have been reminded in it all that I am not in control, and even when I am lost in myself, my anxiety, my worry, my fear, my hurt, that there is a God who sees the big picture. Who can see each and every step and who loves me enough to walk beside me in it all. 

When I think I know what's best, I have gently been reminded that He has a plan and that He has been putting all the pieces together, and that He knows best.

I have been reminded of my need for a Savior. My need for forgiveness and grace. My need for peace in the midst of unknowns. My need to completely trust Him. 


  1. You don't know how much I needed to hear this, read this.... As it's been a very hard, painful month of March and now... Still can't seem to not cry everyday, multiple times a day. But I have to remember God is in control and has a beautiful plan, if only I can trust more. Thank you for sharing this. It shows me everyone has their own crosses. That I'm not alone. Have a Blessed Easter!

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