Some of the best memories of my life....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

One of our first weekends together....actually one of our first few weekends knowing each other. Meet Christy :)

This girl was my roommate my sophomore year of college at Trevecca :)

Little did I know that this would probably be my most fun year of college & that I'd meet a best friend I'd have for life.

Let's see where to begin. sometimes you meet someone & yet you feel like you knew them your whole life....this is how we are. I came to the transfer orientation wondering who in the world I would be living with next year, wondering if I would get along with them, would i hate them, would they have some annoying habits that would drive me crazy....but I got lucky :) Christy was going to be a transfer as well and we found each other, met once, and decided to live together. We didn't talk much before moving in and I joke with her all the time about when we first moved in, and how in the world did we start talking haha....but needless to say. We hit it off rather well!

We became attached at the hip. We laugh now at ourselves from some of the stupid things we did trying to meet people and fit in, that looking back we never would do now, but it's memories....she knows exactly what I'm talking about.(Picture to the left) hahah

We found some of the best restaurants in Nashville...a few of our favorites include- Pancake pantry, Jacksons', Friday morning sweet tea and chicken biscuit from McDonalds, Brueggers, Satco....and Oh so many more. Speaking of McD's. Christy and I decided to start something crazy cool just for fun...we tallied up the number of times we went to McD's in a semester. We were grossed out by the number at the end of the semester, but keeping track was hilarious. We celebrated my 20th birthday by going there at midnight. McD's has never tasted so good in my life! :)

I loved having my best friend there every night. Always someone to listen to you, someone to laugh with and joke with....(Tarantula's, "creeper", dropping the bag of food in front of the door, dropping a bed on your head, wearing each other's clothes, popcorn, movies, Greys) the list goes on and on and on....little did I know how much I took her for granted.

It's funny how things are always changing...Christy decided it was best to transfer from Trevecca back home for her Junior year, and life has made a lot of changes for me since my Sophomore year. Not a day goes by that I don't miss living with Christy, and I miss her daily friendship and wonderful presence here, but I am so thankful that our friendship still continues. When I say "roommate" I really am referring to her, even though I haven't lived with her for a year.

She came for a visit once this year, and boy that was a blast. It was weird to adjust to things being different, but man I loved having her here. I talked with her on skype tonight which is probably why I am writing this now but all that to say...Christy- you are wonderful. I miss you everyday that I am here but I am SO glad that you are happy and doing well! I miss your smile, your laugh, our jokes, and your hugs, but I am so thankful that we can pick up right where we left off. Not too many people in this world understand me as well as you do, and I will forever be thankful that I didn't come to Trevecca knowing who I was going to live with. It was a gamble when I signed those papers, but one of the best rewards I've gotten :) :)

I love you Christy :) !

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