No Such Thing As Coincidence

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I finally made it back home for the next 2 weeks as life is slowing down just for a few short minutes so I can catch my breath and start going full speed once again, traveling all over this summer, doing what I love.

There hasn't been a whole lot to do since I've been home which is nice for rest, but I find myself going stir crazy at times because I am used to a constant rush. Tonight I went and worked out with my Mom and after we got done some of us got into a conversation about the "end times" and about the world today. It is not something I contemplate much, but as we began to start talking about it, I myself questioned some things that I never really have before. As we contemplated different ideas, and thoughts that we had, the question was asked "Bethany do you believe in coincidences? or divine appointments?"

This wasn't really something I'm sure I ever thought about for myself personally. I'm not sure I ever remember not thinking something was God, but I'm not convinced that I've always acknowledged it. Possibly an ouch moment for me. Regardless, the Lord began to bring a couple things to mind and I eagerly came home and found some way to share this with whoever (if anyone) is reading this....

People that know me well, know that I love quotes, song lyrics, and inspirational poems and readings. I have been intrigued with them, I have written some of my own, and have quite a collection of favorites.

The Lord brought 3 of these to mind tonight as I began thinking back over my life, and situations where I knew God was real in my life, and coincidence was not even an option.

My Mom and I have been talking about personal situations affecting our lives, and people that are close to us right now, and we have been reminded of this. Life is all about choices. It's all in perspective. Is the glass half empty? or half full? We all view life differently, and we all choose to handle ourselves in ways that best express who we are. Anywho, this cup, a Starbucks cup (gosh i love the quotes on these things)- was given to me by my youth pastor in High School. He saved it for me when he was out of town, and changed the words just a bit. This was something that I needed to hear at this point in my life...and oh I couldn't count the number if times I have read it.

As little as a cup from Starbucks may seem to some of you, I read this over and over and over. This was given to me when I was at a choice in my life to either accept the fact that I could not help myself alone, and needed to seek professional help as well as pray and commitment on my part, or my journey to becoming a healthy person was not going to happen. This little poem means a lot to me. God was in every situation during this point in my life, and nothing was an accident.
"Wrangling fear is the biggest challenge the world faces now and a challenge we all face, now and again, at our crossroads, in the dark moments, at those times when we are asked to compromise, at those times deep down where we know we must make choices that define our lives."

Another thing that happened today, that caught my attention more than usual was a simple sticky note that I have in my shower. I see this (or used to see it) everyday when I lived here at home when I would take a shower. This post-it note has been hanging in my bathroom since I was a Junior in High School. I'm not sure how it hasn't fallen off, or been ruined yet but regardless it is such a sweet reminder to me of God's promises. I hung this up during a time in my life where I simply needed to be reminded that when everything around me felt like it was falling apart and I was so tired, that God promises us that in his arms we find strength and can be refreshed. It fell down today, but was in a sweet place, face up, and I couldn't help but pick it up and now it is in my Bible as this has been such a sweet little reminder to me during some difficult days. Nothing happens by accident.

Isaiah 40:31

Also tonight as I began to think of the question that was asked to me about coincidence, I was immediately reminded of Jeremiah 29:11. I got quiet, and didn't say much but in my head I was only thinking what this meant for my life so far. I am thankful that God has a plan for me and that NOTHING is my chance, accident, or coincidence. Even the small things that I so often take for granted. What a promise to remember and to hold onto. Again, nothing happens by accident, whether a hurt, joy, triumph, or valley...God is in it all, and I am certainly thankful for his faithfulness to me in creating beauty of the messes I have made in my own life.

what a promise.

In a weird way tonight, I felt challenged in my own heart to think long and hard about how God works in my life and who he is to me. It is easy in big things to think it is God, but also in the little things I should remember who He is. I am blessed to never have grown up outside of church, or with too many negative things in my life, but it is scary how often I find myself taking advantage of faith, religion, and who God is and wants to be in my life. It is so easy to take for granted, but one day I don't want to look back and wish I had done something different with my faith.

I decided tonight, that I am going to open my eyes and consciously be thinking and looking for what God is doing in and around me, and to remember to give him ALL the praise, for he certainly is worthy of it all.

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