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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Even though we've changed and we're all finding our own place in the world, we all know that when tears fall or the smile spread across our face, we'll come to each other because no matter where this crazy world takes us, nothing will ever change so much to the point where we're not all still friends."

Life on the road is a blast...well, sometimes. :)
For the most part it's crazy fun but just like everything, it has it's moments.
Everpraise for those of you who don't know everyone consists of...(pic left to right)
Lindsey, Brittany, Tricia, Jordan, Andrew, Me, Scott, & Parker
Oh what a very unique group- each person extremely different but somehow we all have become very close & we're family. This by far has been one of the best experiences of my life. Traveling with these 7 people every weekend to different churches to sing, hang out with teens, meet new people, lead sunday school classes we didn't know we would lead, give Trevecca talks, play games, long van rides, lots of food, flat tires, flip cameras, jokes and laughs, and all the memories that have been created- it literally has been such a fun year!
I considered myself blessed to be able to travel and sing every weekend because I basically get paid to do what I love but even more than I love singing, PR has been so great this year because of the group. We hang out even when we don't have to be together, quite often actually. We genuinely enjoy being around each other. :)As much fun as we have, and as many times as I find myself laughing hysterically at something that happened when we're all together, and miss being with everyone when we are back at school, some of the sweetest moments that we have had together are some I will treasure for the rest of my life.

The other night we all got together at Mel's house to talk about the year, and just spend time eating her wonderful cooking, and enjoying one another. We went outside on the porch and it was beautiful outside. We talked about events from the year we liked, things that went well & other things that didn't go so well. We began thinking of next year and all that it will bring, and continued praying for God's guidance as he directs the final decisions for who will be in the group. We decided to pray and go around the circle...lifting up different needs that we had in mind and things on our hearts. I couldn't help but in this moment to think -

"Please just stop the clock right here."

I wanted to badly to stop time. Why? It was here that I realized just how wonderful everything has been this year and how much we take things for granted. Tricia will not be traveling with us this summer and even though we are sad that she is not going to be with us, we are excited for and with her as she starts an awesome new job! This is the last time that Scott will be on PR and so this summer he is finishing a great career on PR at Trevecca and has been such a vital part of who we are. As we reminisced over the year, and began to pray, I enjoyed listening to each person as they prayed. It's wonderful to see someone's heart on their sleeve when they pray for things that matter to them. Each member brings so much to the group, and plays such an important role in who we are this year, and I am so blessed to have friends like them. I do not want change, but I know when that season is here, God will be ready to do something new and exciting and I look forward to great things to come. But looking back over this year I can only thank God for the great things he is doing in and through each of us, we do not deserve to be used by him but what a blessing it is to share who God is in each of our lives on a regular basis. I am looking forward to the summer and all the fun it brings.
Only a few more chances to hold onto the sweet moments that are passing by.
I know I won't take them for granted.


  1. Bethany,
    You're right. The other night was so special. God gave us a moment in time when all was in place to give Him praise. The weather was calm and stunning, there was a sweetness in that backyard. And it was the perfect time to go before Him with requests, with praises, with thanksgiving.

    Good reminder. Cherish every moment!

  2. Love it. Love that God has blessed you with this group, these friends, this experience. Love how you share. Hope you do cherish every moment.
    From : the OTHER Mel.


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