So, What's Next?!

Friday, April 20, 2012

"Commit your way to the Lord, trust in Him, and He will do this."
Psalm 37:5
This has been a season of excitement, anticipation, feeling accomplished and anxious to walk across the stage to get my diploma in 16 days, and yet bittersweet all at the same time knowing that one chapter of my life is ending and a new one beginning.
While there are still many unknowns and details yet to be put into place in my journey, I am excited that certain pieces of the puzzle are coming together.
While I never really announced this officially, back in December, I applied for the residency program at Vanderbilt with hopes to get into their pediatric program and work there after I graduated.
In February, I found out that this would not be an open door for me.
Rejection is never easy, but that door closed and I felt like I had no idea what was ahead for me.
The more and more I prayed about it and began to think of the best choices for me as I move ahead, moving back home seemed like the best option, however in being honest about that decision, while it smart financially and a chance for me to get on my feet, I wanted to feel like I really had purpose in going back home.
I began to look into different programs in Florida, never truly had I considered going to grad school. I randomly decided to check into a program at UCF, I went to a meeting there, spent 3 weeks studying for the GRE, creating a resume, and gathering all I needed to apply and sent it in.
A month had never felt so long.
Waiting to see if I would get in was a thought that probably crossed my mind for the past 45 days. 
I found every reason why someone else would be a better candidate for me. 
Believing lies that I could never pursue this and in all honesty not living in the truth I should.
The decision to go home was  official, I decided it would best and just had a peace about it and my goal at the time: save money, start paying off loans, and get experience as a new nurse.
Admissions said their decisions would be made by mid-april. 
Yesterday was a long day for me. One filled with doubt, fear, and just struggle to believe in myself and what's ahead for me.
As I spent the last 20 minutes before I went to bed spilling my heart out to the Lord almost about how desperate I feel at this moment, little did I know He would answer my prayers.
At 7:45 in the morning I received an email from UCF.
The moment I was anxiously awaiting and dreading all at the same time.
and what did I see?!

Wait. Really? Could this be the answer!
I sighed and continued to read the email only to see that I had been accepted into UCF's Doctoral Program! 
I am going to be going to school part time, specifically in the Family Nurse Practitioner Track and working the rest of the time. 
As I have shared the good news with my family, wonderful boyfriend, and friends I have felt overwhelmed today by the encouragement and prayers and mostly at the opportunity that is in front of me. While I still am not sure all the details about a job and how everything else in my life is going to work out, I am thankful that the Lord answered my prayer and is giving me this chance to further my education and live out one of my dreams.

This has been a season of testing for me and my faith. 
It's moments like these where God's faithfulness blows me away.

For everyone who has supported, encouraged, and prayed for me and been a part of my journey to get here, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Please continue to pray for me during this season of change and new beginnings. 
I look forward to updating you as I know more, but for now....
Here's to being a Knight

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