Tuesday, April 2, 2013

that was the celebration of this past weekend.
easter sunday is the biggest if not the best day we celebrate in our relationship with Christ.
good friday is a dark, harsh, day where the reality of our sins and the weight of it all becomes real.
but sunday is coming my friends.

he is alive!

i got to be a part of three different services where there were people who stood up to acknowledge that they wanted to accept christ as their Lord and Savior  believing in the power of his resurrection.
how incredible. 
i was reminded about how much i take this truth for granted.

in the last month or so, I haven't had much time to write but I have been learning some very hard, but incredible lessons. 
sometimes pain, difficult circumstances, and character that is being built and refined reminds me that i'm alive.
that i have feelings.
that my everyday coming and going , the day in and day out 
causes me to remember there is a purpose for my life.

working on certain parts of my heart, finding patience and peace in a chaotic life that seems to be changing daily around me
has revealed a vulnerability in my heart that has opened my eyes to my desperate need for the love and presence of my unchanging heavenly father.
in the midst of places i never thought i would be, with unknowns clouding my view at times, my spirit is being renewed.

it means so much more to me.
it brings hope to disappointment.
it means i'm soaked in grace.
free from the chains that used to hold me down.
not perfect, but waking up each new day walking in the grace given to me
finding my purpose and identity in the one who gave me life
who's plan is specifically for me
with a time and place for each and everything
that wants to bring each desire of my heart to life.

i am alive.
i am thankful for this gift, and the hope that i have because my lord and savior rose from the grave to give me life, and life abundantly.

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