My Best Friend Got Hitched!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Shortly after moving home from Nashville after I graduated from college, I was reunited with my best friend Natalee. We have a unique story for how we met/became friends, actually I'm not even sure how we became friends but regardless, we have been friends since I was in 10th grade.
So much in our lives have changed since then, but the memories that we share, and the history that we have, has built a foundation that I can honestly say I don't have with many.
We have been through ups and downs, a million changes, we have been separated by 1000 miles for 4 years in row, we have been through good-guy relationships, and those relationships where we both ask "what in the world were we thinking?" We have experienced seasons of joy, and also seasons of heartache. Together in our own lives, we have both walked roads of uncertainty, and were brought to places we never thought we would be. Regardless of circumstances, situations, miles, and change, she's been a constant in my life and I'm so thankful.
I can honestly say in the last year, above everything else, our relationship has changed in the sense that we have both been preparing for the next season of our lives, but in this, the Lord has been working in her life and He has been faithful to work in mine, and sharing this part of our journey together has brought some of the sweetest moments we have ever shared. After moving home, Andrew and Chase became friends and this relationship was an answer to prayers I prayed a long time ago. I also grew up going to church with Chase and think he is an incredible guy. A good choice for my best friend, no doubt. 
This weekend was one I feel that I have been waiting for, for the past year and a half. My best friend said "I Do" to her best friend.
We have anticipated, worried, thought about what we would feel like, laughed, cried, screamed, had 100 coffee runs and late night snacks to calm nerves, and prepared for all the details that this day would hold. 
It was beautiful.
She was stunning.
My heart melted when I saw the way Chase looked at her as she turned the corner to walk in the church.
Most importantly, I watched as her and Chase before the Lord committed themselves to each other, and acknowledged that they need Christ at the center of their lives in order to live out the promises they made. Praying over her before she walked down the isle by far was one of the sweetest prayers I have prayed in my heart for my best friend. While the world has a way of doing things, I know her and Chase have a desire to have a strong and unbreakable marriage and I was honored to be a part of this day to witness their promise to each other and to the Lord.   

This was no doubt a special day and I'm so glad it turned out to be everything she hoped for!

I felt honored that Andrew and I were both asked to be a part of this special day and honesty I can say it makes me all the more excited for my wedding day. These two will be standing next to us the day we say "I do" and these are truly two people I am so thankful for. 

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