No Ordinary Week

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

While this week is consumed with business like usual, this isn't just a normal week.
While my schedule consists of what feels like non-stop things to do, and places to be, this isn't just an ordinary week. I begin my week with warriorFit where my alarm goes off at 4:45 am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings to go work out. This is also finals week in grad school which means studying any second I can, and 3 practices this week at church to prepare for our performance Friday evening of "The Champion." I've already asked myself how I am going to get everything done that needs to be done this week?
All that being said, it is busy, hectic, and chaotic.
I feel tired most of the time right now and can't wait to crawl in bed at night to go to sleep.
But again this isn't just a normal week.
It's Holy Week.
In the Christian tradition this is an important week.
Growing up I remember celebrating Palm Sunday, and remembering that this was the Sunday Jesus road into Jerusalem. This week would then lead into Good Friday. The significance of this day is still one I find myself not really wanting to truly think about. The horrific events, the beating, and the mocking that took place as Jesus was placed on the cross, carrying the weight of all the sin in the world, until He died. The weight of this sacrifice, the reality of the brutal beatings and the horrible things done to Jesus as He suffered, are thoughts I don't often associate in relation to myself. What do I mean by this? This was done for me. The shame He endured, and the weight He felt that day was from my sin. That should have been me. Yet He did it anyways, not just for me, but for you, and for every single person that would ever live. 
I'm not sure this is ever easy to accept because that's not how we do things in our culture. It isn't natural. This is grace. And grace isn't easy to accept. We look for reasons and ways to pay back, to be even, to be equal, but in this case it is never possible for us.
With much anticipation we wait for Easter Sunday because this is the day in which we find our confidence, strength, and foothold in the truth that we are more MORE than conquerors through Jesus Christ who defeated the grave. Not even death could hold him down. 
This selfless act of love is what changed everything.
This isn't just an ordinary week.
I have been so guilty of just going through the motions and failing to even recognize, think about, and thank God for His selfless act of love that has changed me forever.
So today, in the midst of the business, I made it a point to get away for a little while.
To focus on this truth, and to thank God for His sacrifice, His grace, and for the confidence I have because He lives.
So my afternoon looked a little something like this.

If you haven't checked out this album, I would highly recommend it. There are some incredible songs and lyrics. 
After spending some time thanking the Lord for this time, this week, and for all He has done in my life, I was brought to this passage in Isaiah 53:5.
I love how the message translates this.

Thank God for this next piece of truth. This is grace!
I feel so overwhelmed today at His love and His mercy and the gift we have been given of forgiveness all because He sent His only son to endure the weight of the world, to experience death, and then brought Him back to life to reign in Victory changing eternity forever.

Where O death is your victory? Where O death is your sting?

What does Holy Week look like for you? How do you celebrate such an incredible time?

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