Two Months Too Long

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wow! It's been awhile.
I promised myself I wouldn't let this happen, but it happened!
The last two months have flown by so incredibly fast and life seriously seems to be going at about 1000 miles an hour.
Here is my 

Where you can find me today: Today I am in my favorite little coffee shop in town working away on homework and finding a little bit of time to destress and blog!

What I am listening to: Pandora's "Your favorite Coffee House" is making my heart so happy today. 

What I am drinking: Today's drink of choice is an iced vanilla coffee with lots of love from Rio Coco Cafe. 

What's New: In April, in a short amount of time, literally 24 hours, God opened every door for Andrew and I to rent a house for the next two years that is perfect for us. He lives there now and I will move in, in 6 short months! Crazy how quickly December 12th is approaching!! It has been a crazy, exciting, new, scary adventure that is piece by piece coming together. (Pictures to come soon!)

What have I been doing: I am currently in my geriatric rotation with school and this semester took off quickly and continues to be full speed ahead with tons of homework, reading, assignments, hard tests, and clinical hours. It makes my heart happy to say though that with each day that passes with clinical, I am slowly but surely finding my nitch and gaining confidence. I am so thankful that I will get to do this for a living! It seems so far away but May is approaching quickly.

What else: I am still currently leading worship at church and outside of work and school, this keeps me busy. I have learned so much being in this leadership position and I thank God everyday for the gift of music and for the opportunity to share with others something I love so much.

Wedding plans: Save the Dates have been sent! What a process :) Its crazy to think last week we hit the 6 month mark! Wedding plans are in full swing and we are working away to figure out all the fun tiny details. I still can't believe I'm planning my wedding.

Work update: Andrew is in the process of beginning two new jobs as a paramedic. He is at a MD's office Monday - Friday and is working as a Paramedic in the ER at Holmes Regional on the weekends. While orientation is happening at the same time it means he works 7 days a week for the next 4 about tired? I don't know how he does it all right now but we are so thankful for God's provision in opening these doors! 

What I am thankful for: Today I am thankful for a day off to work on homework and the chance to breathe. 

What I am feeling: Honestly, I feel tired. Somedays right now I look at all I'm doing and I am easily overwhelmed by it all but I am also so thankful for all the incredibly great things going on in life right now! It is my prayer that I would continue to take life a day at a time and take each challenge as it comes. I'm becoming a stronger person in the process of it all and I am so thankful for the opportunities God has given me.

What I am learning: I am learning now more than ever that life is about facts and not feelings. It is not always the best idea to trust how I feel in each moment as feelings come and go but instead I have to rely on the truth I know in my heart and rest in the truth of the relationships I have, and most importantly rest in the fact that My God is never changing and always with me even when everything else around me is changing. 

What I am praying for: My heart has been heavy for a few really special people in my life and I am fervently praying for their hurts and brokenness. In my own life, I am praying for endurance during this season of my life. 

What does your Wednesday look like?!

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  1. I love this season.... my heart is so happy about all that is happening, and I am indeed blessed to be the upcoming MOB..... I love you, I'm proud of you, and you are a blessing to me.


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