Ready for Warm Weather :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

So, I like my new shoes a lot. They're clear, so whatever color socks I wear is the color of my shoes for the day :) buuuttttttt I am ready for some flip flip, shorts & a t-shirt weather!

It's hard to believe that this semester has been flying by so fast, but spring break starts tomorrow!!!!

I got a pedicure this last week with some hot pink toe-nail polish in preparation to go back to the warm Florida weather...and then my dad tells me tonight that its 37 degrees at home. Praying for beach weather this next week!

So my spring break plans include, sleeping in, taking naps, making food for my mom and trying out this new dessert recipe I wanna experiment with, spending time with the people I love, going to the beach, eating, and going to the Dr. to figure out what is going on with my knee that at times swells up and looks like I have two knee-caps. Nothing crazy planned but boy do breaks come at JUST the right time :)

I have one more day to take two tests, finish up some last minute stuff, and then I will be on my way home to sunny Florida! :) Yay for Spring break!!!!!!!!

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