Little Things Can Change A lot

Thursday, September 8, 2011

"I am fearfully and wonderfully made..."
Who knew that the tiny hands of an 8 year old little girl would change my life.
Today started like a normal clinical today but little did I know I would meet an angel that was would change my life. It's easy to get caught up in routines, and trying to get everything done on a normal day of clinical making sure everything is done correctly and that all the paper work is done. Today was different. While all of my work still got completed, I had the chance today to slow down, just for an hour.
I wish you could meet her. She's tiny, she's eight years old, she has a beautiful smile and a sweet giggle. She's brave, she's a fighter, she's a hero. This sweet girl has Cystic Fibrosis. This disease is chronic and causes respiratory problems that can end up affecting every other body system. She'll be lucky and one of few if she makes it to 30 years of age. This causes her to be in and out of the hospital for weeks at a time every 3 months. Hospitals are another home for her. 

None of this phases her. 

I had the chance to spend an hour with her. The best hour of time I have spent in awhile.
We played play-doh. We talked about High School Musical. We talked about her favorite movies. We agreed that homework at 8 years old & homework at 22 years old is NEVER fun. We laughed. I taught her a few things about her care, but she taught me even more.

A child who has every reason in the world to wonder why it's happening to her, to be upset, angry, selfish, nothing like this. 
The entire hour was spent fixing a play-doh color frame that we decided would be a GREAT idea to give to her grandfather for his birthday. We knew exactly where to hide it to when he came to visit. 

It's the little things.
It was her tiny hands fixing the play-doh so carefully into that Tinkerbell frame to give to her grandpa, that made me stop and think.

She changed my life today. 
I am blessed and take it for granted. I  am selfish. I don't have near the courage this little girl has, and the joy she has for living is contagious. Even if it was only for an hour, I decided in that moment that I wanted to care, even if only for an hour about the things that were important to her.
I loved working with her and being a part of her care.

Maybe working with kids is a possibility for my nursing career. I wish time could slow down enough to spend time with each one like I did this special girl today.
I felt passionate about what I did today. 
Her smiles and giggles made my day.
While life has it's way of being unfair, it also has a way of changing people.
I was sent there today to care and help this little girl. 
Today, she helped me.

While I may never see her again, I am going to be praying for her and her family. 
I thank God for the sweet little 8 year old angel I met today.
She brought perspective to my mind and showed me where my heart is.

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