Our Orlando Adventure

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas came and went and we were all gearing up to go to Universal for the next two days. All of the Reismiller's family, as well as my parents and Andrew packed our bags and set out on our adventure to Universal. We got there, among the thousands, and spent our first day at Islands of Adventure. The lines were somewhat long, but the company made it go quickly. I felt like a little girl riding my favorite ride (okay so one time when I was about 10 or 11 I rode the Cat in the Hat ride probably 20 times in one day) 
Sweet Memories :)               

 I finally made it to the World of Harry Potter (I've only wanted to go since this past summer, but it was much awaited). Waiting in line for the ride was long, but totally worth it. It was all done so well, the buildings were just like Hogwarts, and I really enjoyed looking at everything, it was just like the movies.
Butterbeer :)
I loved this shot! It was awesome

So glad he got to enjoy this day with me

We enjoyed the rest of our day at the park, but unfortunately I had to make things interesting. Ha, by the end of the evening around 5 o'clock, I ended up with an incredibly sore throat and running a fever of 101. By 7 pm we were at a walk in clinic and I got a bunch of meds and made my way to the hotel and into bed. We weren't sure I was going to be up for the next day, but thank God for good doctors, medicine, and caring parents and a loving boyfriend. We made it to Universal Studios the next day and I almost enjoyed the second day more, as I felt better. I had such a good time with my parents & Andrew at the parts just enjoying their company, the fun of the parks, and time away from everything else. For those of you who don't know, I was scheduled to have another knee surgery on December 28th, cleaning up some tissue and fluid, but due to my strep & pharyngitis, this got cancelled. Not quite sure when this will be rescheduled, probably after graduation (not what I would have planned), but regardless, it could be ten times worse and I am thankful I am feeling better and I'm sure there's a reason my surgery didn't happen this past week. 
Andrew took these pictures and I loved them
I just thought this one was cool. The weather was awesome for us both days. Again, taken my Andrew :)

It was a few days, but full of memories :) This wasn't a bad wrap up to the year 2011.

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