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Monday, January 16, 2012

It's been an interesting week for me.
I have never been one to believe that things happen on accident, and I believe that God speaks to us through many different ways and people. 
For those who know me it is no surprise to you that I worry about things, that fear is what I feel is probably my biggest downfall and struggle. I am not to sure where it originated from but as I am learning more about myself during this season of life, I am realizing just how much fear controls my decisions, my thought life, and my worries. 

During this past week of counseling, my counselor said to me that the things I was concerned about and the way I was talking to her was just completely out of fear. After taking a step back to listen to her, I realized it was truth. A hard truth to hear none the less. She followed it by telling me that in the Bible, "Fear Not" is the most repeated phrase throughout the scriptures. It is mentioned 365 times, enough to have one fear not promise for everyday of the year. 

I sighed, and began to think of that. In fact I pondered on it for the rest of the week. 
One "Fear Not" for everyday. 
She also challenged me to challenge myself in living for each day, and trusting that God will give me my "daily bread." I never really thought about this before. That God will give me just enough of what I need, when I need it, each day. Not enough for today to hold me for the next two weeks, just enough for today. This is how trust and faith if built. 
I don't live in this mentality. 
However, I am challenging myself to pray this way, to believe this way, and to LIVE this way. 
One of the many "Do not be afraids" of the Bible. I have challenged myself as I am reading through it this year, to highlight each one as a reminder. 
As I mentioned previously, there are no such thing as accidents, this was confirmed for me on Sunday. 

Sunday morning Andrew and I went to Brentwood Baptist and the sermon title that morning was titled: Breath of Life.
This series has been getting into the word and what the Bible means for us and how it is still alive. 

He began to speak of how the world sucks us dry, it strangles us, it pushes and presses us until we feel we have absolutely nothing left. It requires us to give more, do more, be more, and we come to a place eventually where we literally feel like we are empty....and this is why we have the Word.

I felt guilty as he explained to us what we hear about the Bible and how many of us think it applies or doesn't apply to us because it is "old" or it doesn't "understand where we are at in this day in age or what we are going through." That is not the case. 
It's a sorry excuse for us not to fervently seek the Lord with one of the greatest gifts He left us.

He began to explain just how real and alive the word can be if we would let it. It has the power to breathe life into us, just as it was breathed into each of the writers, the Lord wants to breathe life into us through His word. 
He then said the words "Fear Not." He even went on to say how this was written 365 times throughout scripture and how this is one of the biggest if not most written promise in the Bible for us to receive.

So maybe, just maybe, The Lord really doesn't want me to fear. Maybe just maybe, He truly is holding me in the palm of His hand. 

Why haven't I believed this? Do I really trust him for tomorrow? If I believed this and lived this way would I stop living and making decisions out of fear?

I am guilty of not reading the word as I should and have felt challenged to read through the Bible this year. I have attempted before and never succeeded. In writing this on here, I am taking a risk in feeling more guilt if I do not live up to this, however I don't want this to be something on a checklist, or something I can say "Yeah I've done that" but instead, I want the word to breathe life into me. I pray that this year, I will be changed by the Word unlike ever before. My heart's desire as I am on a journey to wholeness is that I will continually grow in my faith and that fear will no longer be my reason for thoughts, decisions, or worry. 

 Do you need the word to breathe life into you? Will you let it? 

Lord may I read your word and be changed. 

To watch the service from Sunday which I highly recommend click this link and check it out. It's only 20 minutes but its so worth listening to.
Sunday Service

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  1. Sometimes your blogs cause me to be proud... and this is one of them.
    Sometimes your blogs make me smile to myself.... and this is one of them.
    Sometimes your blogs pinpoints truth that I too can and should apply to my life....... and This Is Definitely One of Them. Thank you for speaking truth so delicately and genuinely. I needed to hear that. I love you.


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