A Trip to South Carolina

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Time has been flying!
I feel like I have about 3 other blog posts I would love to write about but there has been no time!
Last week was ridiculously busy, trying to get everything done for school which included a full week with something everyday, a 12 hour clinical, and finishing my last research paper of nursing all got finished on time!

Although it had been a long week, Andrew and I got invited to go to South Carolina to help with their regional TNT. For those of you who don't know this is a talent competition weekend that ranges from sports, to music, art, photography, and writing. Andrew and I had been at this TNT for the past 3 years with Everpraise traveling and we were delighted to be asked to come help out this weekend.

So friday rolled around, I had clinical, but as soon as I was done we packed up our things, hopped in the car and made our way down to SC. 
It had been awhile since we had been on a road trip (which is weird considering the previous 3 years we have been on the road every weekend). 

We had such a great time! 
We were thrilled to stay with the McAdorys and spending time with their sweet Mia Grace made my weekend!

While it was different being here not on a PR group, it was so much fun to be around all of our friends, to participate in what was going on, and to truly be loved and cared by those we have met over the past 3 years.

While the weekend was busy and not much time to just sit around, I found myself thinking quite a bit while we were here. Andrew and I have been welcomed and received with more than open arms by people of Midland Valley, and some very special people on the SC district. While they have not known us our whole lives, it often times feel as though they have. 

I felt beyond blessed this weekend as we were encouraged, valued, and needed. 
I kept telling Andrew how weird it was (in a good way) that nothing about it seems unfamiliar or like we were guests. All of that to say, I couldn't help but thank God for His faithfulness and the way He has worked to give us such incredible people along the way.

It was so nice to get away this weekend & I am so thankful for moments like this weekend!!! 

For everyone of our friends in SC and to our Midland Valley Church friends, thank you for having us, encouraging us, and loving us. 

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