The Simple Truths

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's the simple truths right now that keep me hanging on.
The little things that I do know that keeps me from going what I feel is almost insane at times.
Fear is not apart of who I was called to be.
This has become a daily struggle for me. 
Moment by Moment.
Choosing to believe in God's promises to me and to tell Satan he has no place. 

Yesterday I had a day where I felt the entire day was a struggle to not worry.
As I rode to school in the car from counseling, I began to tell the Lord what I was thinking
and feeling. As I just simply cried out "please just be here in this moment with me right now,"
the song - Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus began to play. 

I began thinking of the line "just to take him at His words...just to rest upon His promise..."
I started to think of everything that would mean for me. 
Right in that moment.

I spent last night pouring out my heart to Andrew. I just began to say all the fears that I had, how I was feeling and as he began to share with me how he understood where I was at and  he gently spoke truth to me. 
I can't remember all that was said to me but in those few moments that he quoted scripture to me, reminding me that God has a plan for me and telling me all of the things that I do know right now in this moment and the things I can be confident in. 
I felt peace.

I was so thankful for the words of encouragement, the gentle reminder of truth, and the unconditional love that Andrew has shown me. He truly is such a blessing and more than I could have ever asked for. 

As I am preparing to speak for a group of students on Monday about fear, I want to be transparent but I want to practice what I am going to be telling them.

Andrew challenged me to ask big. 
I've been asking the Lord multiple times throughout my day to take the fear and worry away and it's my desire to live and rest in His peace. 

We have been commanded
Do not Fear. 

It's a work in progress, but I am thankful for God's presence and power to speak into my life.

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  1. I am soooo thankful for those that God has put in your life to speak truth and peace to you. It is such a blessing to know that God provides those people to love us along the way and be His hands, feet and yes even His lips and voice to share what we all need to hear from time to time ( and yes sometimes more than others.) It's His way of putting on "skin" to us when we need "a Jesus with skin." I love you.


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