Anxiously Waiting

Monday, February 13, 2012

It's always exciting when someone is going to have a baby, it truly is a miracle but this time it was different.
At least for me.
Let me explain.
Really good friends of mine, who I claim as family, have quite an interesting story.
I have admired them so much growing up and the older I have gotten the more I realize that what they have between themselves and in their marriage is something I envy and have wanted for myself someday.
I have been blessed to know both of them pretty well and I consider it a blessing to have been a part of their journey.
In watching them for years be the best Aunty and Uncle there is, and seeing the ease at which they love to be around kids, and to see Justin be so gentle with his nieces, it is evident that they would be incredible parents. 
Seems perfect on the outside, but in knowing their journey to get pregnant and watching both of them pray for their own child for so long, and it not ever seem to happen, even from the outside hurts.
I watched Adreana take it all wish such grace. I tell her often I have no idea how she did what she did. 
I often times would find myself praying for them.
It never made sense.  
But that's just it.
God's timing is perfect.
 He hears and knows the desires of our hearts.
God is faithful.

That's what this little guy has taught me.

Meet my sweet nephew Griffin.

He's here, and He's perfect. 
I finally got to meet him when I went home this past weekend and what seemed impossible and so long awaited was in my arms.
I am beyond thrilled for Justin and Adreana and it is finally their time to do and be what God has called them to, a big responsibility no doubt, but the joy in their eyes just makes me so happy.

As I left their house with nothing but a smile on my face after holding that sweet baby, I couldn't help but thank God for His faithfulness and I am reminded that His timing is perfect and that He truly knows the desires of our hearts. 

I pray that as this little guy grows up that I will be a model of this for him. He is only a month old, but his entrance into this big world has taught me so much. I love him so much already.

Of course I had to put up a few more of my favorite photos

He's adorable.

Love this little guy.

We've been waiting for you :)
To Justin and Adreana - Once again, Congratulations. He's beautiful and thank you so much for letting me be a part of everything. I am so blessed! I look forward to being a big part of Griffin's life.


  1. Bethany... You're outpour of love is soooo admirable! I know that Justin and Adreana love you dearly and for you to write such beautiful things, I am sure, just deepens that love! GOD IS FAITHFUL and I am so happy that you reminded us of that! He loves his children! I am thrilled for Justin and Adreana as well and I know that the timing was nothing less than perfect! Thank you for all of the sharing you do in your writing... I look forward to reading your posts! Love you girly!

    1. The "Griffin Miracle" what a sweet reminder of God's timing and love for each of us. May we never forget that He makes all things beautiful..... In His Time.


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