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Sunday, February 17, 2013

there's no one else in the world who compares to my mom.
there just isn't.
something about needing a mom seems to be at the core of who we are, even when we are grown.
no one can make things better like mom can and no one understands or loves you quite like your mother.

I have been blessed with an incredible mom.
it's neat how over time we have become friends instead of just family.
I love and appreciate her so much and pray that someday I am half the mom she is to me.

Today was her birthday.
Yesterday, I planned a day for us.
We went out and got  coffee and donuts.
 Enjoyed a massage at the Disney resort together.

Made our way to lunch on the River with her best friend.

& ended the day with pedicures and a trip to target.
We had dinner with some of her closest friends and what a day it was.
It was nice to slow down for a few hours and share this time with her.
She certainly deserves so much more.

Happy Birthday Mom!

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