Thankful For Sunday

Sunday, March 2, 2014

What a week this has been!
This was midterm week for my Women's Health class and I can honestly say I have never been more excited for the weekend to be here as I was this week.
This week entailed a 4 shifts of work in a row leading into two days of studying what felt like non-stop for my midterm on Friday.
I was happy to see Friday come and go, and to know I am halfway through with this semester.
Saturday our church hosted a huge block party called Sonfest, which is an event for the community, this is one we plan for the entire year. It was such an incredible day, the Lord was in all of it, and I am excited to share some more about this day soon!
But today, today was much needed.
I started my morning by getting coffee with Andrew at one of my new favorite places in town, Brooklyn Water Bagels. 
While I am not from New York and have no history with their bagels, this place has iced coffee cubes, and I have become quite a fan of their iced coffee and bakery goods. 
We then made our way to church and what a refreshing morning it was. Leading worship these past 4 months has been a challenge, but also such a time of growth for me. This morning I felt so grateful for all the Lord did through all 150 volunteers from our church that participated in Sonfest yesterday for our community. We worshipped and thanked the Lord for all He did and all that He is doing. We were challenged today to be salt and light. To be bold and to share our stories of how Christ has changed and transformed our lives. To truly be disciples. Something I needed to hear and be reminded of. 
This weekend I have felt so humbled to be used by the Lord even in small ways. I was reminded yesterday that we are called to love and that nothing we do goes unnoticed or is insignificant. 
We truly do serve a good God and He deserves all the praise.
After church, we headed to lunch at Dockside grill on the river and what a beautiful day it was! 
 I did not let this beautiful day pass me by! I took my wedding magazine outside and enjoyed the sun and browsed some wedding ideas!
I am off this weekend and spent the rest of my afternoon doing laundry, and I decided with 4 old bananas to make homemade banana chocolate chip bread. 
It hit the spot today.
It's been awhile since I had time to just enjoy the simple things like the sunshine, no homework, a chance to bake, an opportunity to sit  down with Andrew and catch up on an episode or two of shows we have missed, and to just not feel rushed. 
Most importantly, today I am thankful for rest and for the reminder that we serve such a good God. He was with me this week when I felt like I couldn't study anymore, do anymore, or give anything to anyone, and just in time, He gave me this beautiful day to relax and to find time to remember what's important.
To often, I am guilty of being so busy with my own life and schedule that I don't appreciate things how I should.
This beautiful sky is one of those things.
I'm thankful for serving a God who gave us a day to rest and who gives us rest when we need it.

What do you do on your day of rest?


  1. It was an incredible weekend in so many ways. God never cease to amaze me by showing His awesome goodness to those who get out of the way and let Him "show off." Great weekend.

  2. I watch a LOT of television and read articles people post on Facebook. Oh, and I post a ton of baby things on Pinterest... :)


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