Monday, December 28, 2009

"For unto us a child is born...He is Christ The Lord."

I cannot believe how fast the Christmas season has come and gone. I enjoyed a great few days with both sets of Grandparents and my family. We spend Christmas eve together and went to dinner and then over to First Church of God for a service. It was a
very good service and nice to sit with my whole family and have no responsibilities in the service but to just take a second, catch my breath, and remember the real reason for the season. Later on that night my best friend from High School came over and we exchanged gifts. I was introduced to the pandora world of bracelets and got my own bracelet with a charm that was extremely sentimental. Needless to say the first gift I got for Christmas was very special.

Sweet cinnamon rolls is exactly what I smelt Christmas morning, and that's what we had for breakfast, Homemade Cinnamon Rolls. Yum. Those are the moments I wish I could freeze
in my head and hold on to. Waking up with family there, no worries or stresses with school, just a sweet memory. The day was filled with tons of great food, Turkey, Ham and Chicken for lunch and lots of treats for dessert. I got some fun stuff for Christmas. Some new stuff for my guitar from Matthew, I got some cute clothes, a new jacket, and little odds and ends from my parents as well as a new Blackberry that I am in love with :) But I can honestly say, the thing that I was the most excited about by far, was giving my mom her present. I made this calendar on my computer with pictures of her and I and quotes from our song on every page. This is sentimental for sure but I guess it's because she asks for a calendar every year that I really wanted to get this for her. Needless to say, the smile on her face was worth every second it took me to make it :) I am blessed to have such a great family and this day was wonderful. Mom and I finished off the day, but watching 4 episodes COMMERCIAL free might I add, of Grey's Anatomy. Ah, it was wonderful!

As far as after the Holidays, we have been eating leftovers, and hanging out. We went to makotos for lunch and man, it never gets old. I enjoyed the food so much :) We went car shopping for mom, and I think she is getting a new car tomorrow actually...that's exciting! I played basketball last night again and man I am so outta shape. Really just been enjoying the time off and trying to relax and get ready for next semester :)

I am so blessed to have such a great family! :)

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