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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's funny how many times I have caught my self saying recently; If only I knew then that I would miss it this much....and yet I am only 21 years old. The more I think about everything and have been "remembering" funny stories from when I was little, or just silly things that make me laugh like how I used to get my Mom a shower curtain for every event- her birthday, Christmas, anything hah, and she loved it, the more I realize how fast time really does fly. I decided to start this blog to help me look back and remember things in more detail and just to share my life on paper, I find it's easier for me to put things on paper most times here is my attempt to share pieces of my life, and to help me remember things and not take the little life lessons, smiles, and memories for granted.

I can't believe I am less than 24 hours away from finishing my Fall Semester of my Junior year. Junior in college? Are you kidding me? Seems like just yesterday I was a Freshman in High School thinking life had changed so much. Ha, I had no idea. This past semester has been one of the best of my life, but if I could describe it in a word it would be change.

I have not always been the biggest fan of change, however I am learning quite well how to adjust to things. From rooming, to changing majors, to having the majority of my frie
nds graduate last year, to new food places in Nashville that I discovered, this semester has been one of change, but one of the best. Over the summer, I changed my major to Nursing and it was no doubt an open door and a blessing to get accepted into the program at Belmont. I love my Nursing classes no doubt and have enjoyed school over there so much but I have learned some hard lessons in this semester. I am not used to things not being easy for me, as most of my life most things I have done just naturally come, and this semester I feel like I worked harder than I ever have and tried more than I ever thought I would have to but my grades don't completely reflect what I feel is the work I put into it. Needless to say, I have had to hold my head high knowing that I did the best that I could and I did finish well, but this is just the beginning and it's been such a blessing.

PR (Everpraise) this year has been a blast!!!! The new members this year are so fun, and the group clicked well from the start. Our CD came out two weeks ago and it was nice to hear the finished product. We recently sang the National Anthem at a Nashville Predators Hockey Game...probably the coolest thing I have ever done. So I slipped on the rug walking out, but hey I didn't fall, and hopefully no one saw it :

Everpraise at the Photoshoot for the CD

I have made some new friends this s
emester, and spent more time studying than I ever thought possible, but the semester flew by. Somedays I miss the way things were last year, but I would not trade it for the world. I have learned so much over the last few months about myself and just continually thanking God for bringing me to Trevecca. There are no doubt days where I miss playing ball, and my friends and teammates from Southeastern, but I feel like I have a family here, and I love going home, but something about it here, is just right. On a personal note, some great things have happened in my life. God has not only shown me continual guidance as I made some big changes with my major but has shown me more this year than before how his timing is everything. Ever had someone you prayed so hard for and felt like it never mattered? Or maybe think that there is situations that are impossible? I was proven wrong, in many ways over the last couple of months and if anything, I can walk away saying, it truly is not in my timing, but God's.
I have so enjoyed the last few months of my life.

Life on the road, late nights studying, cramming for Health Assessment Practicums, coconut chicken at one of my new favorite places in Nashville, late night trips to Cafe Coco to grab an Iced White Satin with some friends for hours of laughing and talking, spending time practicing my guitar, taking voice lessons for the first time, recording, being a part of Trojan Idol, catching up on all the seasons of Grey's Anatomy now that I'm addicted, visiting my friends who graduated at their "grown up" job, college night every Monday, Ghost tours in Downtown Franklin, Hockey Games are just a few things that I have loved doing this semester.

Now it's time for vacation. After a 12 hour car ride home, it's time to relax, watch the Grinch, spend time with my family, Matthew, my friends and eat lots of goodies!! :) I can't wait!!!

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