Wednesday, January 30, 2013

not sure i even understand how this word would play into my life these days.
and that's the problem.

while I realize I am in a place right now where i wear about 10 different hats, and there are times where life is just plain busy, its life and at times this is just how it has to be, i also realize the danger in over booking my schedule.

Andy Stanley quoted this :
breathing room= the distance between your current pace and your limits, do you have any breathing room?
i loved this quote.
i had to stop and think about it though.

i don't know about you, but andrew and i have been filling our planners with work, class, clinical  and everything else it seems these days. 
a night to sit at home and watch tv hasn't been as much appreciated as it was this past monday night.

i find joy in the days where there is nothing written in my planner even though my to do list is huge.
today is a day i wanted to take just to spend some alone time and get ready for the next few days of school.

in simplifying my life, and thinking about how i can do this,
i have been challenged to look at my heart and figure out where the motives for each of my activities comes from. i'm thankful for my job and for school, for the opportunities to serve at church etc. 
i also know some desires deep within me that i have been feeling but wonder when i would have time to add that into my schedule.

while i don't have any answers to simplifying things right now, i spent some quiet time today asking God  to show me if there is anything i should be cutting from schedule, or any other ways i should be adding things. i prayed that the desires i have would become more clear to me.

im thankful for days like today.
for a chance to get away. 
for the gift of music.
for His word.
for His listening ears.
for a God who cares about every detail of my life. 

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