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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

spent the morning sleeping in without an alarm, and was thankful my day was not packed full. I enjoyed a trip to the store, splurged on a pedicure, and made my way to starbucks to journal.

helped my Dad learn how to import a song from his email into itunes, he's becoming quite the Mac user these days, I am proud.

ate lunch by myself and while eating alone seems weird to some people, (I tend to feel bad for those I see eating alone), I enjoy it at times.

felt beyond blessed during my quiet time to think of all God has done in my life the past few years. I've been quite nostalgic the past few days.

got a text from some of my close friends letting me know the exciting news that they are starting the adoption process! How exciting! 

did some planning for the next couple of weeks with school and work. Nothing better than feeling organized.

opened an account and signed up to read devotions daily through 'She reads truth' check it out here. I am excited to begin this journey starting in the book of Galatians. 

blogged for the first time in awhile. it felt great to sit and get my heart out on paper. 

listened over and over to a new CD my good friend is finishing up. this project has been quite a journey, but it is so powerful and I am excited to see how God uses this in coming days! 

shared in conversations with 3 of my closest friends. I am really blessed to have such great girls in my life. 

I am thankful for today. it's been a good one. 

How was your day today?

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