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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I made it to Colorado!  (I still don't say it quite like they do out here though)
It is absolutely stunning!
I'm not sure it was what I was expecting exactly but it is breathtaking.

I must say it was the longest/bumpiest flight I have ever been on but I made it out to Denver.
My best friend Mary picked me up with a warm car and so the adventure began.
Let's just say a 45 min drive took almost 2 hours as the snow covered the roads and the made the drive a bit more difficult than usual. 
Memories made for sure. 

My first day here was spent in downtown Denver.
First stop was Mary's favorite coffee place . Fika.
I don't blame her for the countless hours and dollars spent here.
It's perfect.

Breakfast was awesome.
Snooze was the place to be yesterday morning.
Chocolate chip pancakes hit the spot for sure.

We finished the night with tv, pizza, youtube videos, tons of laughs and just hanging out. 
Great end to my first day catching up with my best friend and experiencing Colorado.

Today we got up and made our way to Breckenridge.
No wonder people come out here to go on vacation.
It's gorgeous! 

Maybe I just thought places like this existed in the movies, how beautiful.
It was about 20 degrees most of the day, pretty cold for a Florida girl no doubt but I must say, it was so refreshing. 
From a fast paced life and the business of everything, today felt as though time was just standing still, 
there was time to just appreciate the beauty of my surroundings,
 and truly a breath of fresh air.

I so enjoyed time to just spend with Mary. 
To enjoy taking pictures and appreciating how difficult it can be at times (its nice to have someone who doesn't care when it takes 20 minutes to get the lighting right ha). 
We strolled through the various little shops on the streets, found places to take pictures, talked, laughed, and maybe had coffee 3 times today. (no shame at all)

Here's just a few pictures from our adventure today.

I have more pictures and thoughts to come.
We are ending our night back at Fika on this chilly evening.
I'm thankful today for new experiences, for God's incredible creation, for a break and a chance to just breathe, for meaningful relationships, for purpose, for hope, and for a God who meets me in ways and places I never expected.

It may be cold, but Colorado is gaining a warm place in my heart rather quickly. 

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  1. looks amazing and so do both of you relaxed pretty girls! Any Christmas Cups???


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