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Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking back it's crazy to think that 2012 has already come and gone.
Here's  a short recap of this year.

January: This month I began my last semester of nursing school with my practicum being in the Trauma Unit at Vanderbilt. School was busier than ever with a clinical in the SICU and my practicum going at the same time. The end of January, Andrew and I were blessed to travel to South Carolina's TNT and got to spend time with all of our friends from this district and we loved staying with the McAdory Family.

February: This by far was one of the busiest months of the year. I continued my practicum hours as the hospital and began to understand just how treacherous NCLEX questions and studying for my boards really was. This month Andrew and I for the first time went to the Nashville Symphony. I came home to Florida for Sonfest, and I finally got to meet and welcome into the world my good friends' son Griffin, who was born in January! 

March: This month was a time where I was ready to call it quits with school. Senioritis had never been so bad. I somehow decided  that I wanted to apply for graduate school at UCF and I did. Spring break involved a few days in Vero at home and then a few days back in Nashville with a trip to Gatlinburg with Andrew. Andrew and I celebrated one year of being together (just one of many to come). I finished my last care plan of nursing school this month, this was a date to mark in the books!

April: This month was over and gone before I knew it. April was the month where the majority of things on my "check list" for school were finally complete and marked off. The beginning of April was a trip home for me to participate in the Easter production we do at home. I'm always up for a chance to travel. TNT (top nazarene talent) is a big event held on Trevecca's campus that happened this month, and what a sweet time it is, as our friends from all over the Southeast region come into town. A busy month no doubt, but full of sweet memories and the satisfaction of accomplishing goals I had worked towards all semester. At the end of this month I got accepted into UCF's DNP (doctorate of nurse practice program) to be a Family Nurse Practitioner. 

May: The most bittersweet month of the year for me. A long awaited graduation and Pinning ceremony took place. I walked across the stage and couldn't help but thank God for everything He gave me in my four years at Trevecca. A great few weeks of celebration it was such a special time. I couldn't believe it was already over. This month was so great, I almost forgot I had minor knee surgery this month too. I flew home for a few weeks, had my surgery, had a graduation party, then headed back to Nashville for my last few weeks.

June: The NCLEX and I became rather clos as I felt like studying and doing practice questions was how I spent all of my time. I took my boards and found out I passed two days later. Longest 89 questions of my life. By far the proudest moment of my life, I literally cried. I soaked up every minute I could of Nashville these few weeks. I wondered what my life would be like in the coming months, and this by far was one of the hardest months of this year. At the end of June, I packed up my stuff, said goodbye to my home of four years and one of the best chapters of my life, and trusted God the best I could and said hello again to Florida.

July: This month was one where my faith was tested beyond what I ever was hoping for. This was the month of adjustments in every aspect of my life, living at home, figuring out what life for Andrew and I was like in Florida, trying to find a job, and just realizing all the changes that were coming my way. While I didn't appreciate it while I was in it, looking back, God's hand was in every thing that happened and he blessed Andrew with a job within the first few weeks home, and He was with me each minute of the days that seemed to last forever.

August: This was the month of "firsts" and new things. I got hired at Indian River Estates as a nurse and this job turned out to be a better fit than anything I could have imagined for myself. I began my first semester of Graduate School at UCF, and adjusting to both of these was a challenge. I got to go to Harry Potter world with my best friend and her family. Maybe one of the harder months, but this really was just the beginning of this new chapter in my life. 

September: This month was pretty uneventful. I turned a year older, spent my time studying, getting the hang of school and adjusting to being a new grad nurse. 

October: This month brought with it some excitement and things to look forward to. I started to get the hang of graduate school and work slowly got better. Writing papers for graduate school became my new past time, and at the end of this month, Andrew and I made a trip to Nashville to visit our friends. We had an incredible time and the fall weather was beautiful!

November: This month was busy as I was finishing up my third and final paper for my nursing theory class, work was in full swing, and I worked my first Holiday as a nurse. This month flew by and involved practices for our Christmas production along with a random trip to Universal with Andrew. I had more things to be thankful for this month than I could count. 

December: One of my favorite months of the year and it always goes by way too fast. I  finished my first semester of grad school with A's, got a busier schedule with work to make some money for the holidays, performed in our Church benefit concert for the Salvation Army,  took a last minute road trip to Colorado to be with my best friend, and 2 weeks later traveled to South Carolina to be with my Mom's side of the family after Christmas. This by far was the best present I got all year. A busy month, but it was wonderful! 

While these are just a few of the highlights of this past year, I can honestly say going into 2012 I had no idea what God had for my life and what direction I would be going once I graduated from Trevecca.
While this by no means has been an easy year with all the changes this year brought into my life, God has taught me so much about trusting Him and my faith has been challenged.

I have been so incredibly blessed with the love and support from family and friends. I've made new friendships, old ones have been restored, and God has slowly but surely been putting pieces of His plan for my life into place in His time.

I know I am undeserving of all that He has given me but I am so grateful for the many blessings I have and for all that God has entrusted me with.

While 2013 is full of unknowns, I am walking into the New Year knowing that the Lord is already there.

I look forward to all God has in store.

Happy New Year!


  1. Yeah for a recap! Just reading about your crazy year makes me tired! Can't believe you got to do all of this, and survived. love you girl!


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