Time for a Change

Friday, December 7, 2012

The last several months have been all about change for me.
I figured it was time for a little change and some updating on my blog as well!

If you're new to my blog, Welcome
For those of you that have been reading and following me, you've possibily noticed a wonderful new layout, and a new name. 
I wish I could take credit for the design, but I have to say thanks to my wonderful bestie Mary for that. Her blog is fabulous if I do say so myself, and her heart is incredibly shared through her writing. Definitely something to check out here

As far as the name, I am excited to share with you just what it means.

Fearless Fear

Everyone is afraid of something right?
For me, fear is something that has probably had the strongest hold of my life over any other weakness.
There are some days I fear more than I relax. 
I tend to worry about things that are out of my control,  and waste energy on things I can never change.
Fear some days is so powerful in my head and heart that it feels crippling.
Fear and worry comes easier for me than trust and faith. 
I am not proud of this by any means, but its honest.

Through this struggle in my life, and places that it has taken me in my own heart, it has shown me just how much I have to depend on God.  My faith has been challenged and tested through the sheer fact that anything done out of fear is not faith.
This is an ouch moment for me. 
So how do I deal with this on an everyday basis? 
The pastor of the church in Nashville that I used to attend in a sermon one Sunday quoted something that  was engraved in my brain that day. He was speaking on fear and challenged us to look out our lives and how it could be different if we trusted God and did not worry and fear. He then told us that there were 365 times in the bible where "fear not" was commanded. 

How incredible.

One promise and command for every single day of the year.
For me. 
And for you.
This began to change the way I thinking.
I began to look up some of the "fear not" verses in the bible and while I had some memorized I've found it to be such an incredible weapon to use when fear begins to creep in my mind.
I by no means have completely overcome fear and all that it means in my life. 
I have however learned more about God's promises for me and His command to fear not and all that it really is for me in my life.

So why Fearless Fear?
While I am continually working to battle this struggle in my life, I have also come to appreciate and understand more about the kind of fear I do want to have in my life and how there is a healthy fear that  keeps everything in its right place. The Bible talks over and over about "fearing the Lord."
The term fear is so often used in a negative context that I had to allow myself to be open to understanding what this means in my life.   
"There is no fear in love. Perfect love casts out fear." (1 John 4:18)
I've studied quite a bit about this verse but this has changed the way I think.
Because of what God did by sending his son Jesus to die for me, as a believer and child of God, I am forgiven and free.  There is freedom in the Spirit that gives me power over fear and bondage. 
Fearing the Lord in my life is loving Him and acknowledging His authority in my life, surrendering full control, and opening my heart and mind to all that he has for me. 

While I may not be perfect, and far from it, this everyday journey that I am on, is taking me to places that are uncomfortable, awkward at times, places where I feel full and content, and other times where I feel desperate and fear is all consuming.   Regardless of what season I find myself in, my prayer is that this blog, and the sharing of my everyday life on paper is that I would continue to experience and share the freedom, joy, and grace found through the Love of my heavenly Father, being reminded that I have been commanded to Fear Not , to live boldly  and to always approach His throne confidently.  


  1. love this! perfectly put into words!

  2. Great new format and name! i always enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability on the written page. Love you girl!

  3. The concept you are presenting is deep and challenging for most. BUT, God desires to cast out all fear in our lives. What a glorious thought to live lives free of fear. It is possible, I'm sure! Trust, trust, trust. Surrender. Be consumed. He is the One Who has freed us. Surely, He will not abandon us!


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